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Where do you find the model number?

The model number can be found on the lower portion of the seat tube just above the crank on a black and silver decal. See image below.

Product Model Number Location

Where do you find the serial number?

The serial number is stamped into the bottom of the frame (under the bottom bracket). See Image below.

Find the serial number

How do I register my bicycle?

You can register your bicycle online by going to:  Register Bike

How do I get replacement parts for my Stoneridge Bicycle?

You can call 888-220-5604 and speak to one of our Customer Service Team Members for assistance.

You will need to have the model number of the bicycle available when you call.

What does the warranty cover? How long is the warranty?

See below for the warranty. GMC, Jeep, and Razor have a 1 year warranty from the date of purchase, everything else is 6 months.


This Warranty extends only to the original retail purchaser, who must produce proof of purchase in order to validate any claim. This warranty is not transferable to anyone else.

What does this Warranty cover? This Limited Warranty covers all parts of the bicycle to be free of defects in workmanship and materials.

What must you do to keep the Warranty in effect? This Warranty is effective only if:

  • The bicycle is completely and correctly assembled.
  • This bicycle is used under normal conditions for its intended purpose, by a person that properly fits and is capable of controlling the bicycle.
  • The bicycle receives all necessary maintenance and adjustments.

What is not covered by this Warranty? This warranty does not include labor and transportation charges. The bicycle is designed for general transportation and recreational use only. This Warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, paint, rust, normal maintenance items, personal injury, or any damage, failure, or loss that is caused by accident, improper assembly, maintenance, adjustment, storage, or use of the bicycle.

This Warranty will be void if the bicycle is ever:

  • Used in any competitive sport.
  • Used for stunt riding, jumping, aerobatics or similar activity.
  • Installed with a motor or modified in any other way.
  • Ridden by more than one person at a time.
  • Rented or used for commercial purposes.
  • Used in a manner contrary to the instructions in this Owner’s Manual. Stoneridge Cycle will not be liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage, due directly or indirectly from use of this product.

For how long does this Warranty last? The frame is warranted for the usable life of the bicycle. Stoneridge Cycle will replace the frame at no charge, should it fail in any weld point when the cycle has been used in a normal manner, and determined by our inspection. Stoneridge will also replace the bicycle fork if it should fail at any weld point. You must receive prior authorization from Stoneridge Customer Service, before returning any product or parts. All other components are warranted against defects for six months from the date of purchase when properly assembled and used in a normal manner.

What will Stoneridge do? We will replace, without charge to you, any frame, fork, or component found to be defective by Stoneridge. CONSUMER MUST PAY ALL LABOR AND TRANSPORTATION CHARGES CONNECTED WITH THE REPAIR OR WARRANTY WORK.

How do you get service? Phone the Customer Service Department (8am - 4pm E.D.T.) at 1-888-220-5604. All warranty claims should be made to Stoneridge Cycle LTD, 1-264 Bronte St. S. Milton, Ontario, L9T 5A3 Canada